How Do You Groom a Dog for Beginners?

Grooming your pet dog may be the most straightforward task if done at home by the dog owner. Yet it may also be a highly complex procedure if done by the experts. Certain things need to be accomplished with understanding if you want to groom your canine. These include trimming the nails. This unpleasant job must be done every fortnight or so. Cutting all nails, including the dewclaws at the sides is a necessity. Next up, clean the facial snout and the ears. This will prevent any diseases from finding a home in these areas. A grooming toolkit comes in handy for novices. 

Never trim a mangy or matted coat. This would be a big mistake, indeed. Brush the coat before showering it. Combs with wide spaces between the teeth are ideal for matted coats. While bathing the dog, a conditioner may disentangle the cobweb of hair. The shampoo, which comes before the conditioner, ought to have oatmeal in it. Some grooming details that beginners would be better off paying heed to include: 

  • Your dog will let you know when it has had enough combing done on its coat. 
  • An excess of matted formations means that the dog should be dealt with by a pro and not you. 
  • Clip the nails after the lukewarm bath since they will be easier to cut (having become more malleable).
  • If the water temperature feels uncomfortable on your inner wrist, it needs cooling. 
  • Place a friction mat beneath your canine so that there are little to no chances of slippage. 
  • A dog’s skull is hypersensitive, so save it as the last chore during the grooming process. 
  • Your dog may do strange stuff after showering, which is not anything to get all worried about. It is perfectly normal. Still, if it bothers, you give the dog a bone so that it can find a healthy occupational substitute.  
  • You don’t need to spend a ton of cash to have your dog groomed well. 

While cutting the nails, you ought to keep the dog’s paws held very still. For ear-cleaning, some otic solution would come in handy. When cleaning its teeth, firstly allow the mutt to get some of the toothpaste on its tongue. Then expose its teeth by pulling the upper and lower lips and brush away. Skunk stink requires a bathing solution with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide and dish cleaner liquid. Beware old wives tales such as using tomato pulp or acetic acid to get the skunk odour off your dog.  

The dog breed matters in the end. In the case of Afghan Hounds and Fancy Poodles, grooming is mandatory time after time. Yet Boxers and Beagles can go scot-free for a long time before grooming requirements raise their head. Also, the right tools in the wrong hands could spell disaster. So leave it to the professionals if you have even the slightest bit of doubt. 

Some last-minute instructions include:

  • Never use beauty products meant for human beings on dogs. Some dogs are allergic to scents and perfumes. 
  • Leave any wounds or infected sores for the vet to handle on his or her own.  
  • Don’t be rough and show some tolerance for your dog even if it is unruly. 

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